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About Us

Atra Crown Energy (ACE Oil) company is a leading group in bitumen and heavy oil industry and produces different grades of bitumen in its first step of industrial activity. ACE Oil has adequate infrastructure and expert human resources and uses modern equipment and technologies for production of bitumen. From the beginning, we have invested in development of both bitumen production quantity and quality. We have put the observance of all standards and the use of new bitumen production technologies at the top of our priorities. Now with the launch of our first manufacturing plant, ACE Oil is capable of producing and exporting all types of bitumen grades in accordance with global standards. The Atra Crown Energy Company is now producing several types of bitumen with permeability zones of 40/50 – 50/70 – 60/70 – 85/100 – 100/120 – 160/220. Moreover, the Atra Crown Energy has the capacity of producing 11,000 barrels of soft bitumen per day and its total daily production capacity is 2,000 metric tons.

ACE Oil Mission and Objectives

ACE Oil committed to deliver sustainable excellence in in company’s output and performance by focusing on the following: – Manufacturing and supplying different grades of Bitumen and services that satisfy the needs of our customers – Increase in quality and quantity bitumen products – Constantly achieving operational excellence – Leading ACE Oil into producing more useful products from residue – Exportation of ACE Oil products to foreign countries and adapting them to international standards – – Utilizing modern global knowledge and technology We laboriously try to achieve our goals by recruiting a group of qualified, dynamic, innovative, and customer-oriented human resources. We believe that by working together, we will be one of the leading groups in bitumen and heavy oil industry in Middle East and Asia.

Bitumen Production Unit

Bitumen Production Unit of the Atra Crown Energy Company is located 20 kilometers from Shahid Rajaei Port in the Persian Gulf Industrial District. This unit possesses 3200-ton storage tanks and is capable of producing 2,000 barrels of bitumen products per day and can fill up to 11,000 barrels of bitumen per day (2,000 tons per day). The production of high-quality bitumen and fast delivery of exported bitumen products, based on the location of refinery, are among the advantages of this unit.

Bitumen Production Unit

The Atra Crown Energy Company is committed to provide a safe working environment and environmentally-friendly products, to expand production activities, and to take high-risk measures and make necessary changes to fulfill its goals.