Who We Are ?

The factory is located on the 20th Kilometer of Shahid Rajaei port in the Persian Gulf Industrial zone. This unit possesses 3200-ton storage tanks with the storage capacity of 2700 tons. The daily production capacity of this unit is 2000 tons of different grades of bitumen. Also, the filling volume of the factory is 11000 drums, equivalent to 2000 tons of bitumen per day. Considering the location of the refinery, high-quality bitumen production and delivery of goods within the minimum time for exporting are of the advantages of this unit. Currently, the products of this company include different grades of bitumen with penetration grades of 40/50, 50/70, 60/70, 85/100, 100/120, 160/220, VG, AC, MC and other special grades.

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Unit 5 , 11th floor , Artemis Tower 4th Narenjestan Alley , Pasdaran St. Tehran , Iran